Amiri Salon

Salon & Spa Policies and Procedure Manual 


  • Introduction 

  • Letter from the President 

  • Training Program 

  • Working Guidelines for Stylists 

  • New Clients  

  • Communication Skills 

  • Pricing Policy 

  • Scheduling Appointments 

  • Client Satisfaction Policy

  • Client Retention Policy 

  • Refunds & Credit 

  • Retailing 

  • Management Policies 

  • Staff Training & Education 

  • General Policies & Procedures  

  • Forms & Releases 


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Welcome to AMIRI SALON, a full service salon that specializes in HAIR, SKIN CARE, facial HAIR REMOVAL & LASHES . We are a team of highly trained and skilled professionals that have a trusting and friendly relationship with our clients, as well as with each other. Our relationship is based on mutual respect and genuine care for our clients and each other. Working together as a team, we can accomplish our shared goal of EXCELLENCE. To achieve excellence, continuous education and training will ensure that our clients receive the best service possible. 

There is no limit to the level of individual attainment atA AMIRI SALON. From the Assistants to the Manager, we each have the opportunity to grow as far as our imagination and our energies will permit. If you are serious about your commitment to professionalism, willing to spend the extra hours to work for the sake of the team, and really enjoy your work, then our team at AMIRI SALON is the place for you. 

We believe in going the extra mile to help, learn, expand our knowledge, change when necessary, and prosper. This is not just a job, but also a career. We believe in our profession, each other, the salon, and ourselves. We are not afraid to try the new, different, or the challenging. We will help each other grow through positive reinforcement. 



I would like to take this opportunity to introduce our company. AMIRI SALON is a full service natural hair care salon. Our hair care approach stands apart from all the rest. We know that there is a strong connection between how people look and feel. Our goal is to work with our clients iN order to bring together the total person. 

When you visit our salon you will enter a warm and friendly environment. Our caring staff and holistic approach helps to create this most special environment. 

Our philosophy is to treat everyone as a personal guest and to attend to his or her physical and emotional needs. We call this the “AMIR (literally means rich in Arabic language) Salon Experience,” and we have incorporated this into our policy. 

I believe beauty professionals can communicate with clients in ways that even a psychologist cannot. By helping our clients make positive changes in their hair, we CAN and DO affect their self-image and self esteem. 

Within this caring and nurturing environment, clients can experience an array of state of the art hair services. Hairstyles are designed to be easy to care for and to be kept in optimum condition. A contemporary, yet flattering look is in demand by everyone. Supportive nail and make-up care will complete this look. 

We want you to come and experience our very special array of services. Remember that we are in the personal service business and your attitude is as important as your skills. Please join our team, and with commitment you will have a rewarding career. 



Our training program is a necessity for all new employees and independent contractors. It must be completed to our satisfaction before you commence working on the floor. We have provided you with these “SUCCESS GUIDELINES” and ongoing training, which will help you in achieving excellence. 

The following “SUCCESS GUIDELINES” are to help you successfully fulfill your salon duties and carry out our policies. We encourage you to become familiar with the contents of this manual. 

All employees/independent contractors are subject to a Ninety (90) day probation period. After the 90-day probationary period, management will conduct an evaluation of the employee/independent contractor to determine his or her status with the company. All employees are hired “at will.” 


All employees/independent contractors are evaluated according to his/her contribution to the Salon’s purpose, productivity, and goals. We realize mutual trust and respect are cultivated in an atmosphere of harmony and enthusiasm. We desire your support on all these policies. Your overall success and career development is our aim. 



Code of Professionalism 

As a Salon professional you are

* Caring & open minded. 

* Non-judgmental. 

* A team player who can put ego aside in order to 

contribute to the salon as a team. 

* Balanced in your work and professionalism. 

* An avid listener. 

* An excellent communicator. 

* Willing to learn, grow, and succeed. 

* Willing to make a contribution. 

Guidelines to Professionalism 

1. Listen to the client. This is an important skill to learn and invaluable once we master it. When you listen to the client you will know what their needs are. 

2. Service. Service your client to the best of your ability at all times and never deny your client the proper amount of service time. 

3. Consult. Always consult with your client prior to any service. Make sure the client understands the cost of any service he/she request or is being recommended by the stylist. In doing so, you establish good communication and avoid costly mistakes and misunderstanding. A professional consultation will always foster a good relationship with your client. 


4. Teamwork. Cooperation and teamwork with your colleagues at the salon is paramount to success. Help your co-worker whenever possible, irrespective of their level of expertise within the salon. Each individual member of the salon is an integral part of the team. Without each member pulling his/her weight, success will elude you. 

5. Avoid gossip between clients and or members of staff. It is negative and detracts from the professionalism we are striving to maintain. To participate in gossip is to allow negativity to enter into your work. Negativity threatens the growth, prosperity, and harmony of our organization. Do not allow it to continue. Report it to management if you feel you cannot stop the situation. Be positive and proactive and not a complainer. Be proud to be part of our team and this industry. 

6. Support. Be supportive of each other. Have respect for each other. You are more likely to thrive in an honest and respectful environment than a negative one. 

7. Star. Your client is the star. Make him/her feel important. Take an interest in your client and he/she will feel important. Keep conversation between staff to a minimum because it can make the client feel unimportant. 

8. Language. Speak correctly at all times. Do not showcase yourself. Be humble, courteous, and respectful at all times. 

9. Tips. Tips are accepted but not expected at our salon. 


10. Be professional. Once a professional, always a professional. If your client requests a service that you have doubts may be suitable or correct for him/her, recommend the service that you know is in the client’s best interest. If the client insists on having the service and you feel after the consultation that the client is still unable to understand the implications of what he/she is asking, seek support from your Manager or Owner. If the service is still requested, please ensure that the client signs a release form. 

11. Communication. Good com-mu-ni-ca-tion is the key to mutual understanding between the company and its employees/independent contractors. The responsibility for communication is a two way street (employee/independent contractor to employer and employer to employee/independent contractor.) 

At AMIRI SALON, we use an OPEN DOOR POLICY, which means that our staff is free to meet with the Manager and/or Owners for a personal and or private discussion about any aspect of their work, for example, work conditions, grievances, suggestions or personal matters. We will use our best endeavors to solve your problems or direct you to the appropriate expert 


12. Bulletin Boards (DEPUTY & ADP). This board is used to post announcements or notices regarding policies, procedures, working conditions, meeting, price changes, and other matters relating to your employment. It is important that you check this bulletin board on a daily basis so as not to be left out of any news or activities that may be important to you. It is your responsibility to know what is going on. If you would like a personal discussion time with the management please schedule it through our front desk. You will be accommodated. 

13. Your Own Ideas. While doing your work you may come up with ideas or another way of doing things. We welcome all suggestions as long as they are made in a professional and friendly manner. Please write down your suggestions and relay them to the Salon Manager. This will keep meetings from becoming grievance sessions. 

14. Salon Memos. To ensure that you are informed of all salon meetings, events, or specialized personnel meetings, we will ask you to read and sign a memo pertaining to each meeting or event. This form is intended to keep us all informed and updated. 


New Clients Policy 

New clients should receive the royal treatment immediately. Welcome them in a friendly manner to the salon and offer him/her the opportunity to tour the salon. The purpose of the tour is to help the client feel more comfortable and relaxed. New clients are our best means of advertising. New clients are to be completely finished, do the little extra things for the first time clients. Add value. Continue this type of attitude each time the client visits the salon. 



1. Treat all clients as your personal guest and truly listen to their needs. 

2. Whenever possible greet clients at the front receiving area if you cannot have your assistants do it for you. Instruct the client to change into a smock if necessary and direct him/her to the changing area as well as to the shampoo area. 

3. During conversation with the client always cross sell. Make sure that you provide him/her with information about our services, skin care, nail care special techniques, and offer helpful suggestions and information. 


4. When you have finished with the client, escort him/her to the receiving area to complete the transaction. Turn in your client ticket and ensure that it is filled out legibly and completely. Express your thanks and extend an invitation to the client to return. Give them promotional literature for the products that had been discussed and ask him/her to recommend your services to a friend if they liked what you did. 


5. Offer the client three (3) business cards for friends and family. 

6. Assist the client with putting on his/her jacket or 


Client Consultation 

The client consultation is the greatest opportunity for you to determine precisely what your client’s needs are, thereby preventing client dissatisfaction. Take advantage of this time to learn as much as you can about your client’s hair, skin and nail care needs as well as his/her style preferences and general lifestyle. The steps listed below are a guide to conducting a thorough client consultation. 

1. Read the client’s file before the consultation whenever possible. 

2. If the client is new, give them a tour of the facilities 

            before being seated. 

3. Greet client in front reception area and escort back to the station area. You may send an assistant. 


4. Look at the general body shape and height of client. Notice how client has combed his/her hair. Generally, it is combed in a direction that is most comfortable for the client. 

5. Ask questions, such as, “is there a particular style that you had in mind?” (Pictures are often helpful.) “What is your daily styling routine?” “How much time do you spend on your hair each day?” “If there was only one thing you could change about your hair what would it be?” 

6. Brush hair away from the face. Notice facial shape and growth patterns around hairline. Listen to the client’s likes and dislikes about his/her present style. Make sure you and the client understand each other. What is short hair to your client might be medium length to you, and what is all one length to your client might actually be graduated or slightly layered. 

7. Brush hair into desired shape to see if client is happy with the style. Do not make a final decision on the new style until after the shampooing. 

8. Educate the client on the proper home maintenance and shampoo and condition for the hair. Explain the product used and the reason for using them. Check hair and scalp condition for thickness and texture of the hair. 

9. While combing hair, look for growth patterns, notice pliability. Ask questions, such as “when was your last haircut?” “When was your last chemical service?” “Have you been pleased with relaxer or color in the past?” Explain how a condition and cut would enhance the desired style. 

10. Reconfirm desired style and proceed with cut or 

chemical service. Explain technique as you proceed. 

11. During finishing, teach client how to maintain the new style. Include styling techniques and proper professional products to be used at home. 

12. Use a prescription pad for products that you recommended. Be sure to write down all chemical formulas on client’s record so that they can be entered into the files. Refer the client to the receptionist to close sale. 


Communication with Clients 

Effective communication with clients will greatly reduce stress for staff members. By having a thorough understanding of the client’s needs, mistakes and misunderstanding will be eliminated. The stylist can service the client, knowing that they have a mutual understanding of the client’s desired result. 

Good communication with the client is one of the most effective tools to build clientele. It promotes a trusted and relaxed atmosphere for a skeptical client. A client who is pleased with the service rendered and who feels comfortable and secure with the salon staff is more likely to promote the salon through word-of- mouth much more readily than a client who is serviced well but in a brash and hurried manner. 

Dealing with a Problem Client 

When dealing with a problem client, it is important for you as a Salon Professional to remember that one dissatisfied client can easily damage the salon’s image more easily than it can be improved by the recommendation of ten satisfied clients! Please make every attempt to satisfy your clients’ needs and correct any problem before he/she leaves the salon. 

If there is a personality clash between you and the client, don’t show disgust or become argumentative, suggest another staff member might be better able to fulfill the client’s needs. It is impossible to please everyone. If the client remains unhappy despite your attempts to satisfy him/her, please ask the Salon Manager, or Owner to assist you in resolving the problem. 


We do not tolerate any form of abuse and we will not expect you to take any verbal or any abuse from a client. In addition, we do we expect you to put up with any form of harassment, whether it is sexual, verbal, racial, physical or otherwise. We are fully aware that sometimes clients can be very demanding and might lose their composure. Often this stems from some other event outside the salon and therefore beyond our control. With our training and continuous education we will expect you to remain calm and professional at all times. Management will give you its full support. 

The best method to resolve conflict is to always keep in mind that the client is NOT always right, but the client should always WIN. Also, follow these steps: Listen to their story, identify problems area, recommend solutions, give client choices, decide on the follow-up course of action, and write it down. 



1. Our current prices will be stated in our salon menu. 

2. Each staff member is responsible for knowing service prices in their respective area. 

You have the authority to quote a higher price based on your client’s request for a particular style. However, be careful and discrete when carrying out or finishing work for another stylist. Be sure to check the price of any work the stylist may have already quoted the client beforehand to ensure consistency of pricing. 



Always remember that the impression you make when scheduling an appointment can determine whether or not the client will want to visit our salon. New appointments are essential to keep our business thriving. Never let the client feel that you are too busy to be bothered with scheduling an appointment. Instead make the client feel that we are pleased to have his/her business. Always conduct yourself in a pleasant and professional manner. 



Client satisfaction is our best advertising. It generates our repeat business, which is important for client retention. 


1. Make it your AIM to please. 

2. Listen to your client and conduct yourself appropriately following salon guidelines. 

3. Deal with dissatisfaction directly and solicit support from the Manager /Owner directly if needed. 


Repeat clients are the true result from all our efforts as a salon team. Profit is derived from repeat clients, not one time clients. You must be conscious of your client’s needs at all times. 


Make sure that you write down all the important information and chemical formulas on the clients’ record card/ account in the system. 


If a client remains dissatisfied with the service provided despite your efforts to please, management will determine whether the client should receive a refund, a credit, or corrective service. Services may not be performed free of charge without permission from Management. Any service performed improperly will be corrected by the stylist at his or her expense (cost of product only). 

To prevent damage to client’s clothing or jewelry, it is the stylist’s responsibility to see that client removes his/her jewelry and changes into a robe before any chemical service is performed. The stylist will pay for any damage to the client’s jewelry or clothing. 



Retail Philosophy 

1. Today’s clients not only expect, but demand total 

               service within the salon. 

2. It is a known fact that many clients visit the salon only once every five to seven weeks. Home maintenance programs are more important than ever before. 

3. As their awareness of products and ingredients increases, clients want to know more about professional products and what formula is best for their particular hair and skin needs. 

4. Your client is entitled to quality products and professional recommendation to help maintain his/her hair at home. 

5. As technology improves and new products become available, you as the Salon Professional must be open to change and continually update your knowledge of salon retail product lines as a part of servicing your client. 


By keeping the above points in mind and by offering professional recommendations to each of your clients, you can complete the total service relationship desired by the client. 


Retail Policy 

It is our policy to retail products through professional recommendations based on client analysis and product knowledge – we do not sell products for the sake of selling. 

Remember that selling retail to our clients is always based on need, not on a sales quota. If you, as the salon professional, have done your job in servicing and consulting with the client, there is no need for high-pressure sales tactics to complete a sale. 

It is your responsibility to recommend the proper professional products for each client and to teach him/her how to use the product at home to maintain optimum condition of hair and skin between salon visits. 

It is your responsibility to prepare yourself to retail by increasing your knowledge of the professional product we carry. Education is the key to building your confidence in retailing so that you feel comfortable in recommending products on a daily basis. Read as much as you can about each product, its features and benefits. The salon will support you in this endeavor by offering new product knowledge classes in conjunction with our regular training classes. 

Always remember that retail recommendation is an important part of completely servicing your client’s needs. As you learn to service these needs, you also guarantee your professional growth. 



To add incentive for you to retail professional products we have developed a RETAIL PLAN, which works in the following manner. We will pay you your retail incentive earned every pay period. The incentive increases as you retail more so please read carefully. 

  • Weekly average less than $500, 10% commission on all retail sale

  • Weekly average $500 above 15% commission 


To receive your retail commission you must be the primary seller that means you must initiate and close the sale. If there happens to be a situation where more than one Service Personnel is involved commission could be split. We will pay commissions on clients who have completed their service and left the salon. You will receive commissions on walk-ins retail only if your discussions initiated the sale and you closed out the sale. 

In addition to learning the features and benefits of each product, it is also important to know how and why the product works. It is not necessary to learn all the cosmetic ingredients and what they do. Only the most beneficial ingredients of each product are important. You must always explain to the client why his/her hair would benefit from a product. 

EXAMPLE: “Your hair is very fine and tinted. Fine, tinted hair is very fragile. It needs a shampoo that will strengthen and moisturize without adding too much weight to the hair. I recommend R+CO Television shampoo because it gives your hair body, shine, strengthening, softening, and smoothing that it requires. “



As your employer it is the salon’s responsibility to provide a pleasant and efficient working environment where each employee may work in an atmosphere of professionalism. 

The salon will provide complete education in all service areas as well as in communication, retailing product knowledge and client generation. 

The salon will provide an adequate supply of professional products for retail and salon use. 

To ensure continued success of the business, the salon will provide quarterly advertising campaigns through the use of direct mail and or media advertising. 

It is the responsibility of the salon to bring positive change to the business and to be a catalyst to set future directions of the salon.

 The salon will abide by and uphold the Policies and Procedures contained in this Manual. 



Purpose of Staff Training System 

The training system assures the future of the salon. It not only prepares new employees for the challenge of working with clients, but also motivates established service technician in becoming more productive employees. 

The staff training system encourages an atmosphere of teamwork in the salon. If properly executed, it also produces consistently good stylists who thoroughly understand the techniques of their co-workers. 

Introduction to staff training system 

All new employees are subject to a 90 days probationary period. During this time it allows the employee to assess the salon and decide whether he/she would like to enter the training program. 

The staff training system is designed to ensure that the employee reaches his/her highest potential. It ensures that the salon consistently maintains high standards. After a newly hired staff completes the basic requirements he/she can choose to enter a training program in any one of our specialized areas: Cutting and Styling, Relaxing, Weaving, Coloring, Natural hair care, Braiding, or skin care, make-up and nails. 

The staff training system also provides a unique opportunity for more experienced employees to develop their technical skills. See educational calendar. 

The salon, at no cost to you will provide in-salon workshops. 



Work Schedule 

The salon operating hours are same as Mall Hours.


Dress Code 

The following dress code has been outlined for your convenience. The entire staff is expected to follow these guidelines. 

DRESS CODE: The entire staff should dress in all black but stylishly for work. The staff’s clothing, hairstyle, skin, make-up, and nails should reflect a fashionable image. Change your hairstyle or color at least twice a year, this is to include the nail and skin care department. If you do not buy what you are selling, why should the client? 

Our business is one of fashion in hair, skin and nails. It is only logical that we ourselves project an image which is neat, clean, fashionable, and current in appearance. That includes grooming and apparel. 


The following guidelines have been set for all departments and service personnel to help us project the correct image. 

1. All clothing must be kept neat and clean at all times, including footwear. Footwear must be kept in good condition. Torn clothing, broken shoes, and wrinkled shirts are NOT to be worn to work. Also include in the items not to be worn for all stylists are, for example, leggings, bra-less clothing, bare midriffs, exposed underarms, or distasteful clothing subject to the discretion of Management. All staff unsuitably attired will be reported to Management. 


2. Style is a matter of personal taste, however we must bear in mind at all times that we cater to the public and we must maintain our decorum and keep our attire in good taste. Reminder: Our hair and clothing should be supportive of the products and services we sell. 

3. Hands are a part of our own fashion statement. Hands and fingernails must be clean and well groomed at all times. 

4. Body odor is unpleasant for those around you, you must be conscious of your personal hygiene at all times. (Note. Keep mint, deodorant or cologne at your station it can help to keep this problem under control). 

Take note: 

You are expected to arrive at work well groomed with a fashionable appearance in your dress, hairstyle and make-up. The reason for our dress code is to aid in creating a fashionable image for our salon. 



Staff meetings will be held when needed – approximately- once a month. We will inform you by Memo one week in advance. The Memo will need your signature of acknowledgement for the meeting or other events so as to ensure proper attendance. Please make plans to attend. 

Our meeting provides an opportunity for all staff members to communicate with each other and with management. Meetings will include discussions of: 

• New product knowledge. 

• In-salon schedules. 

• Future advertising and promotions. 

• Personal or client problems relating to the entire staff. 

• Any revisions of the Policies and Procedures Manual. 

• Plans for advanced education and trade shows. 

All members of our staff are urged to participate in our group discussion. New ideas are always welcome. At least three days prior to the meeting, staff will receive an agenda of the subject matter to be discussed. Please review the material before the meeting. If you would like to contribute to the agenda items (i.e. subjects to be discussed), please give your material to your Manager at least two days before the meeting. 

Scheduling Policy 

To service our clients we must do business when they want to do business...not when we want. This being the case, our hours will be quite long and varied. We will make every attempt to make a schedule that will fit your individual needs but once it has been established we expect everyone to adhere to it. 



1. Clients come first. 

2. Weekends and holidays are very important. Be sure you report to work as scheduled. 

3. Any member of staff unable to report to work due to illness or emergency must call the salon first thing in the morning so we can be prepared. 

4. Staff members requesting time off are required to serve notice as follows: 


• Employees – must give fourteen (14) days advance notice in writing. 


• Independent contractors – must give 7 days advance notice in writing. 

• Notice is to be given to: Location manager

 OR Amiri Salon| Eyebrow Plus HR, 

5. The salon will be closed on the following days: 

• Christmas Day 

• Thanksgiving Day 




1. Personal phone calls are not permitted on work hours, and should be placed on the phone allocated by Management. 

2. Employees on schedule will be in charge of answering the location phone. 



Our policy is to be courteous and thoughtful of our clients. Therefore this salon observes a smoke free environment. Smoking is not tolerated by employees or clients. 


 We have reserved an area in the salon for eating. Please ensure that you are aware of this and confine yourself to this area when eating (dispensary & back table). Alcohol and drugs are not permitted. 


The daily clean-up work is to be done by each employee/independent contractor. The daily duty checklist for end of day clean up is posted in the employee station. Every member is expected to spend no more than fifteen minutes (15) at the end of each day to complete his or her duties. Please promote teamwork by doing your share. 


Amiri Salon employees are responsible for the following:


  • Sanitize all tools (not electrical) with barbicide and clean water

  • Never go near water with electrical appliances


  • Always clean your station before your next client

  • De-hair your brushes after every use, sanitize and rinse off with water



Fire extinguishers are located inside the front door of the dispensary. Read the directions carefully so that you know how to use it in case of an emergency. 

Emergency fire and police telephone numbers are located on the top of each work-station. 

In case of an injury to a client or employee that requires medical attention, notify your manager who will call the emergency medical technicians if necessary. 


  • Heat lamps and curling irons get very hot, BE CAREFUL. 

  • Be careful that electrical cords are not becoming frayed or worn out. A short in the cord may cause electrical shock or fire. 

  • Be careful with the steam machine; please unplug all of our electrical equipment. 



You are entitled to a 20% discount on any retail supplies. This includes all hair, skin, and nail care products in the salon. All purchases must be paid for on the same day. 

Staff members can purchase Gift Certificates at  20% discount. 



The following procedures apply to family members: 

1. Family members may be serviced during our training events for FREE. 

2. Family members may be serviced during your off hours at the following reduced rates: 

Family members receive a 20% discount off all services, and a 10% discount off all retail products needed for the family. 

*Definition of Family members: We consider family to be immediate family members only, including mother, father, spouse, children, and your lawful brothers and sisters. 


Note: No commission will be paid for these services. Nail services must be arranged with the Nail Technician themselves. Have a ticket made out before beginning service and family members should not interfere with client’s scheduling priority. Family members who receive service during regular hours will pay regular prices. No exceptions. 


Our salon supports the state laws and we expect concentration and dedication when servicing the salon clients. 

1. Please notify us of any part-time employment you are involved in (if an employee only). 

2. Employment with another salon will need to be 

            discussed with the Owner. 



Our salon guarantees its work. When a client is not satisfied with a service we will correct the problem. In regard to chemical services (relaxer and colors) they are only guaranteed if they are using our recommended retail products. When we find a significant number of “re-do’s” for a particular service, you will then be re-trained in this service. The charge for a re-do is the following: 

1. You will be charged $5.00 on all chemical “re-do” for product cost as a payroll deduction. If another service personnel has to re-do your work your commission of the original cost will be deducted from your commission and given to the service personnel fixing the problem. 

2. In most cases our guarantee is for one week on all sets, two weeks on all relaxers and colors. 


The salon takes full responsibility for salon advertising and promotional costs. We do this for everyone’s benefit - whether it is a paying client or not. Treat everyone the same. They can very well become a regular client. If you would like to advertise on your own, get approval from the Manager and complete the necessary work. The salon will provide you with labels and will mail it for you. Your cost would be layout, stamps etc. 



1. Unprofessional working manner. 

2. Poor quality of work. 

3. Low percentage of repeat clientele (under 60%). 

4. Personality incompatibility with salon image. 

5. Consistent tardiness. 

6. Theft of any kind. 

7. Use of alcohol or drugs on the job. 

8. Obscene language. 

9. Unlawful service outside of the salon. 

We use the following warnings and discipline system: 

(a) Oral warning – or oral counseling. (b) Written warning – documenting all steps. (c) Situational counseling. (d) Termination. 

The Salon Manager has authority to terminate an employee or an independent contractor if he/she feels that too many rules and regulations have been broken. However, the employee will not be terminated without first having two warning meetings with management to clarify and discuss the problem(s). At all times management will communicate with you when we feel your performance and job is not up to par. 



Loss prevention is the responsibility of every employee. Your attentiveness in the work environment is the key factor in preventing situations which may result in a loss of revenue, time, or cause personal injury to employees, or clients or our salon. 

Any suspicious behavior including but not limited to dishonesty, collusion, falsifying records or appointment books, failure to ring up sales, hazardous conditions, or careless actions should be immediately reported to your manager or another member of management. 


The Salon Manager and/Owner must approve all leaves of absence in advance. You must submit your request in writing to the Salon Manager/Coordinator. At the time you submit your written request, you must state the anticipated length of absence including the date and reason for requesting a leave of absence. 

A leave of absence is voluntary. The availability of your position will be based upon availability at the time of your return. 


Personal leave of absence due to pregnancy, personal or family problems may be granted without pay for limited periods. A leave of absence due to pregnancy shall be granted for four (4) months. The owner must approve a personal leave of absence. 



It is our policy not to discriminate against any employee because of race, religion or color, sex, age creed, nation origin, or status with regard to public assistance, marital status, or disability. This policy relates to all phases of employment including, but not limited to recruiting, employment, placement upgrading, demotion, transfer, layoff, recall and termination, rates of pay or other forms of compensation. 


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