How threading can benefit you and your skin?

Updated: Oct 12, 2018

Do you choose the threading option over other contemporary eyebrow treatments?  If you do, then, we bring you some good news about your beauty and awesome lifestyle choice.

It is not about perfect brows but healthy and happy brows along with your skin

There are innumerable alternatives in the market to shape your brows. But, when it comes to safety, accuracy, and organic way of eyebrow shaping, threading is dermatologist-recommended and beneficial for your healthy skin.

Here are three(3) prominent reasons, you should opt for threading over waxing, microblading, tinting & tattooing, tweezing & trimming and extensions.

Reasons why you should opt threadingover other chemically infused and exorbitant treatments

Absolutely Organic and (harmful) chemical-FREE

Eyebrow threading  just requires a threading expert to roll two simple cotton pieces of thread over the surface of the skin. This technique has been used for centuries in Eastern countries.  - Do not worry about any chemicals being applied to skin, except soothing witch hazel. -Safe for all skin types and no more post-waxing break outs and redness due to allergic reactions. - Treatments like Microblading has high risk of allergic reaction and carcinogenic infections

Perfection in few minutes

- Your desire of perfected, precise and an ideal brows can be achieved with eyebrow threading just within minutes.

- Threading allows technicians to create the natural arch of your eyebrows as the threads have closer access to each hair follicle.


- A single threading session can last anywhere between three to ten weeks.

- The lasting brows means less maintenance and less maintenance means less investment. ( $15- $20 per session)

- Threading weakens the hair follicles which causes a slow growth of excess and unwanted hairs on your face or brow area.

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