Eyebrow Plus was one of the first to bring the ancient brow arching techniques to the San Francisco Bay Area. Owner, Fardin Amiri opened his first salon in 2008. In just a few weeks, Fardin noticed the popular demand for threading and decided to open a few more branches throughout the Bay Area. Now, with over 20 locations throughout the West Coast and continual rapid growth, Eyebrow Plus has become the #1 destination for all of your threading needs. 

In early 2015, Fardin decided to take two of the most essential beauty services-threading and hair styling- and offer them under one roof. Over the past 3 year, Fardin has opened 6 locations each offering hair and threading services; some even offer nail and skin care services as well! You can find our one-stop shops under the names Amiri Salon and Eyebrow Plus Salon. Visit www.amirisalons.com for more information. 


PO BOX 361049
Milpitas, CA 95036

(877) 589-5177